Traffic Information

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1.   When driving always carry your driving license and important documents such as your vehicle registration certificate,insurance certificate, road tax & P.U.C certificate
2.   Don’t Drink and Drive
3.   Obey all traffic signals, boards and signs
4.   Use the indicator or hand signals when changing lanes
5.   Adhere to permitted speed limits
6.   Don’t use your cell phone while driving. If urgent, move to the left, halt and then make the call
7.   Irrespective of right of way, stay alert and be considerate to pedestrians especially senior citizens, handicapped and children
8.   Avoid parking on the road
9.   Use pay-and-park islands
10.   Do not overload your vehicles – be it luggage or passengers
11.   Wear seat belts
12.   Always drive in correct gear
13.   Avoid sudden braking and harsh acceleration
14.   Never use the clutch as a footrest while driving



 1. Always wear helmets
2. When driving always carry your driving license and important documents such as your vehicle registration certificate, Insurance certificate, road tax & P.U.C certificate
3. Never Drink and Drive
4. Adhere to traffic signals, boards and signs
5. Adhere to permitted speed limits
6. Avoid using the cell phone when driving. If urgent move to left, stop and then take the call
7. Do not ride at high speeds. You may lose control and your life in the bargain
8. Do not ride or wheel your vehicle on to the footpath
9. Use your lights when riding at night
10. Understand the signals given by other road users and use the same when riding
11. Never stop abruptly in traffic. Move to the left and slow down
12. When passing a stationery vehicle allow sufficient clearance for the car doors which may open suddenly
13. Do not try and weave your way through stationery or slow moving traffic. It may cause accidents
14. Slow down at zebra crossing and if needs be stop
15. Always ride with both hands on the handlebar except when signaling
16. Don’t sit children on fuel tanks or stand them in front of the rider
17. Avoid using brakes at turns. If needed, ensure both brakes are applied gently



 1.   Never walk on the main carriageway, it could be fatal
2.   Use footpaths subways & pedestrian crossings for your safety
3.  In case of no footpaths, walk against the direction of traffic which allows better visibility
4.   In case of no pedestrian crossings, watch for traffic on both sides and cross when it’s safe
5.   Don’t indulge in jay walking, reading newspapers or hoardings when on the roads



 1.   Halt your vehicle
2.   Remove the injured to the nearest private / Govt. Hospital
3.  At the Government Hospital, give your name, address and relevant information of the accident to the duty constable stationed at the casualty department.
4.  Wait in the hospital for arrival of the duty officer from the Police Station.
5.   If you cannot give first aid or medical treatment to the injured at the place of the accident because you are surrounded by a mob, then you must report this incident immediately to nearest Police Station.
As per the provisions of sections 134(a), (b) r/w 187 M. V. Act Driver failing to do so is liable for three months imprisonment or five hundred rupees fine or both.   Call 100 to give vehicle details.